Thursday, April 16, 2009

26. a drop of golden sun

this is a song i´ve been working on. it´s nowhere near complete which i think means it´s going to be really long! which is a bad thing because i don´t like to write long songs. who do i think i am bob friggin dylan?

it´s pretty silly but it has been fun to write!

26. a drop of golden sun

it was clear from the beginning that king cobra ruled the land
they saw him first on horseback through the breeze
and as he swaggered over with his portrait in his hand
he commanded the attention of the trees

jed kelly was a black sheep, or a dark horse, if you will
and he played guitar so gentle and so deep
that you had to strain your ears to extract a single note
but that note could haunt the spectres of your sleep

king cobra was a gamblin´ man with aces up his sleeve
he said to jed, ¨let´s start a game right here¨
but the troops had no desire to leave the lamb upon the fire
for the sober realm of poker chips and beer

but then in walked susanna, as pale as they were dark
ash coated from the sacrificial sheep
she said, ¨i got no money, and i cannot cut a deck
but i´d kind of like to play myself to sleep¨

suzie dreamt of home and of her darling waiting there
with lines that played about his mouth and grey stripes in his hair
and for her lonesome badger, she´d eschewed a dozen lovers
most people dream alone, they´d think, but some moreso than others

they set up on the patio. king cobra poured the beer
and divided up the chips between the three
jed kelly sat to suzie´s right, king cobra to her left
his outstretched ankle resting by her knee.