Saturday, August 01, 2009

muy extraño

one sort of weird thing that has happened lately is that i'm interested in clothes again. i got so bored and angry with fashion before i left and sort of stopped caring about what i wore. i've never been a very fashionable person anyway but i still enjoyed playing with clothes, it was sort of an easy creative outlet when i didn't have the energy to write words or play guitar.

but now that i have been deprived of decent outfits for six months i am all of a sudden obsessed with clothes. it's very strange. i can't wait to get back to my wardrobe and have the opportunity to play with my clothes again! i can't stop thinking about colours and textures and shapes.

i would like to wear less boring clothes and include more colour and more items of good quality in my wardrobe, i think.

i am pretty obsessed with:

-a-line skirts that sit above the knee.
-pretty sleeves elesticised above the elbow that look like something juliet would have worn.
-pink (this is deeply unusual), baby blue (somewhat unusual), red and black (not unusual)
-zippers and tartan.
-oversized bows.
-things that look like they should be worn to a dancing class.
-patterned tights (ALWAYS).
-high-collared coats.
-knotted and plaited stretch fabrics.
-fine tulle.
-black lace-up boots.
-thick colourful eyeshadow.
-braiding my hair across the forehead.
-elbow-length gloves.
-rainbow tie-dye with black.
-bodysuits & leotards (unfortunately only AA seem to stock them, the big jerks).

man the only problem with thinking about clothes a lot is that it makes me feel guilty. i'm not really sure why it should be a less worthy creative outlet than, say, painting. i guess because there is more money involved. ahhh.

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