Friday, October 09, 2009

hey world

i'm so excited right now you guys!

i still don't have a job! i spose i should get one soon. srsly though i am probably the busiest person i know who doesn't have one :0

i have a music project-y thing on the boiler right now which has been really challenging and fun

i am loving sunset events SICK. the people are pretty rad. putting together events is such a complex and exciting and rewarding thing, i think?! one movement for music festival is next weekend and i'm PSYCHED

i am into drawing right now! i have always thought of myself as "HOPELESS AT ART" and i not really a visual person but i have been having a great old time doing some sketching. i like drawing animals best. my aim is to get good enough for drawing so i can draw a picture of... no i'm gonna keep it a secret. i bought some nice pencils and a kneadable eraser today, normally i just sketch with artline 0.4.

my other new fascination is: BENTO BOXES. all i want to eat is japanese food, but i want to learn to make some tasty tidbits instead of buying stale teriyaki tofu all the friggin' time!

okay that's probably all woooOOOOOO
love caro

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