Tuesday, September 29, 2009

love of to-do lists

hey internet,

you haven't heard much from me lately, i guess.

i've been doing a lot of things though.

one of the big things is that i've been getting really into TO DO LISTS. i've always used them on-and-off in the past, but i think i'm finally learning how to use them effectively.

i made myself a hipster pda and have clipped it to the front of a cheap diary. in the morning and the evening i go through and strike off the things i have done and update it with more things to do. it's working really well. i get so much pleasure from striking things off the list. i've also learnt to break tasks down into their components instead of being all like "oh god today i have to PREPARE UNI APPLICATION where do i even BEGIN"

of course, this might all fall apart when i actually get really busy.

i've written two short stories in the last week or two. not really short stories so much as "creative non-fiction," i guess. it's good to write lots. i've even been drawing a bit, although drawing isn't really something i am good at. i feel like i should be trying to extend creativity into as many corners of my life as i can.

i've been trying to write music, like always. it's going so-so.

i'm doing volunteer work at sunset events. event management interests me. admittedly that is largely because i want to be able to manage myself.

i've applied for uni next year. i feel weird about it. i really want to study, but there's only one course i'm really interested in right now, and i'm not at all sure i'll get into it.

there are many other plans going down too. it feels really really good!

ummmm i just felt like updating and now i have yeeeeeah
love caro


jillian-anne said...

i need to make more to do lists. what is this hipster pda stuff? it looks complicated. is it just making lists cos i could maybe do that.

i haven't seen you for ages, hope you are well. sounds like you are!

lion said...

thanks jill i am doing great!

a hipster pda is just a pile of index cards clipped together on which you jot shit down :O

this sounds unexciting but somehow it is genius. it WORKS! some people make theirs complex but mine is literally just a pile and on top of it i write what i have to do.

it's better than a diary for someone like me, cos i am jotting shit down constantly all over my possessions and body and getting everything messy. with the hipster pda i can (a) jot everything down in a centralised location but also (b) throw out the cards when they accumulate too much crap.